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custom song sent as personalized gift

How it Works

Simple. Tell us a little bit about the person. In less than 7 days, we turn that info into a unique song! You can listen to sample songs here or take a look at your song options here.

Personality is a must with all personalised custom songs.


We don’t just fill in the blanks. We create all unique custom songs based off your story. It doesn’t need to be romantic, we write songs for all occasions.

We deliver custom songs everywhere in the world

Delivered Anywhere in the World

You will receive your song in 7 days or less if needed so don’t stress about last minute gifts.

Songs to Happy Customers

Laughs & Tears of joy

Broken Guitar Strings

Great Song Writers

Our Services

We write custom songs for weddings, best man and bridesmaids speeches


Create a song as part of your speech, give it to your partner on the morning of your wedding or send it to be played in your absence. Guaranteed laughs and tears!

Custom Songs make the best anniversary gifts.


Tell us about how you met, the funny stories, the romantic stories and we’ll turn it into a song for you to play on your anniversary. Just watch their face as they listen!


A good chance to have some fun with a birthday gift. Let us create a birthday song and give something that will be kept and replayed as long as music is around.

Corporate & Advertising

We have created songs and campaigns for brands like BankWest, Oreo and Jacob’s Creek as well as smaller brands. Check out our previous work or get in touch to chat.

We write personalised custom songs for all occasions from valentines day to christmas.

All Occasions

With music, there really is no limit to what we can do and of course, it doesn’t have to be romantic. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Funerals, a colleague’s farewell – name it and we can do it!

We write custom songs for live performances in Australia and Ireland.

Live Performance

Performing live is where we started. We love to sing, perform, entertain and be in front of the camera. Pop us a message if you have an upcoming event and see how we can help.

How we Turn Your Story into Your Song

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Your Story – You complete the info form telling us about the person the song is for. There are some questions to help you but feel free to write whatever you like.

You also let us know what kind of a song you would like: Acoustic, Produced, Video and style. Song Samples Here

Acoustic Guitar Custom Songs

We take the information you give us and craft it into lyrics before putting music to it to make your song.

Contact Us about your custom song.

We pride ourselves on customer service. You can call, email, text or send a carrier pigeon to us with further instruction and we will be happy to flex.

Custom songs sent as MP3

We send your song via email as an MP3 (or post CD) and you can play it immediately. We also send you a copy of your lyrics sheet.

Money back guarantee for every personalised song

Free Revision – Anything you want changed in your song? No problem – just ask, no cost!

What Kind of Songs?

Acoustic Personalised Song


We write your unique song using guitar or piano based off what style you would like. The simplicity of an acoustic song gets straight to the heart! Listen to acoustic samples here.

Produced Songs have more instruments and layers


A produced song means we add extra instruments (drums, bass, electric guitar, keys) to give the song a fuller feel. This is closer to what you might hear from bands on the radio and can add an emotional and fun element to your song. Listen to Produced Sample Songs Here.

Custom Videos with your song include photos and videos

Custom Video

With your personalised song, you will be getting an aural treat to last a lifetime. However, we can step it up a notch with a personalised music video! We include photos of your choice and home video snippets when possible. You can put your custom music video on the laptop or big screen at a party and ensure the best possible first impression.

Advertising & Corporate

We have had the pleasure of working on advertising campaigns with great brands like Jacob’s Creek, Oreo and Bankwest even winning an international award for most innovative use of content. We have also also worked on private gigs for companies like CBA and CityJet and enjoy every new challenge we tackle!

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Romance Outsourced

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