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Custom Songs – perfect gift for retirements or new babies!

When I was younger, I always had the notion that if I was to make a career from music, it would be while wearing a leather jacket and throwing a TV through a hotel window. Now TVs are too big to fit through windows anyway. Hotels don’t let you open their windows. And I’m writing songs as gifts for babies that aren’t even born yet. And you know what? It’s much more rock n’ roll!

Custom Songs are exactly that – custom. People can ask us to write songs in any style and for any occasion. For the most part, they are romantic. Valentines, Wedding Day Songs, Anniversaries, Birthdays. However, we do get some stranger requests such as funeral songs, songs for pets and now a song for a new born!

Custom Songs make the best gifts for babies

Custom Songs for a newborn baby!

Perfect Ex-Pat Gift to Send Home

The order came from Canadian Ex-Pats living in Sydney. They wanted to send a surprise and slightly different present to their sister/in law back home. They gave us information about the parents, names that have been thrown around, potential sex of the child, where it was conceived(!) and future hopes for its profession.
Aside from trying to think of things that rhyme with foetus, we thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and our customers loved their song. How cool to think that in 10, 20, 30 years – this baby will be listening to his song thinking wow – I can’t believe they found something that rhymes with foetus!

Buying gifts for babies is probably one of the hardest occasions to buy for. I have gotten it wrong too many times. How was I to know that a mother couldn’t drink tequila when breast feeding! Contact Us if you want to ask whether it’s for you. We can have it ready in less than 7 days if needed.

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