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Where to Start when Looking for Retirement Gifts

Recently I was invited to a retirement party in an old workplace. I agonized about what retirement gifts to get him for weeks. I couldn’t write him a custom song because I had only just written one for his 60th Birthday the month before so I continued to search. Every webpage was filled with cheesy stock photos of smiling, grey haired healthy men and crap gift ideas. In the end I went for good old reliable – a good bottle of scotch. However, it really seems like it’s time to change our thinking on retirement!

Cheesy stock photo of a retired man enjoying his custom song!

Cheesy stock photo of a retired man enjoying his custom song!

Matt has only turned 60. He is not going to sit around in his slippers using the fountain pen he got for his retirement gift to fill in the crossword puzzle. He does actually enjoy a crossword…but I digress! He has saved up a bit of money over the years and has invested in some young businesses and stocks. It’s much more likely that he will be sipping good scotch while watching the Dow Jones and just enjoying not being in an office all day.


Retirement Gifts that Stand Out

My point of all of this is that retirement is not what it once was and the gifts we give need to reflect this. We are living longer. We are doing a lot more once we do retire and it no longer means an end. It means a start. Exactly like a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any happy occasion. The best way to mark occasions like these is to give a gift that makes them laugh, think nostalgically about friends and have something good to remind them of you.

Although in my biased opinion having a custom song written as a retirement gift is the perfect solution (!), there really are tons of options. Get them a sky diving lesson, a nude art class, a wine appreciation book – maybe all three at once! Retirement is only the beginning so mark it with a bang!

Want to find out more about what we do? We create custom songs for your retirement party and all other occasions. Check out some sample songs and videos.

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