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Thinking Outside the Box

When we set up Romance Outsourced, we did so for two main reasons. One is because we love creating songs. The second is because we always liked to think outside the box with gifts. Flowers have been done to death. Perfume – what are you trying to say?! It’s about being imaginative and actually getting an amazing first reaction and that’s why I love Little Box of Happiness.

Little Box of Happiness - personalized gift

Little Box of Happiness – Perfect Personalized gift

I was working in an office when I first saw one of these little boxes. It had been arranged for the boss in work who had been going through a tough time consistently with an overload of responsibility. Although she was a regular receiver of gifts from a grateful team, the list was beginning to look a little unhealthy and unimaginative – sambuca, cigarettes and chocolate to name a few!

Happiness is…

It was one of the girls in the office who used to work in the Beauty industry who suggested a ‘little box’ and that’s how Little Box of Happiness were found. The boxes contain all kinds of thoughtful little treats. Watching her open it and then go through each little surprise was definitely one of the most rewarding times I had in that office. There were so many cool little things in the box that I can’t remember all of them but they included scented candles, well-being tea, body scrubs, masks – you get the drill! Check out more here.

If you have any novel and non-traditional gift ideas to share, please do so below – especially with the Christmas season coming up fast!


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