A romantic song is unique but not everyone can play music, sing and record. Everybody, however, can pick up a pen, put words on paper and send romantic love letters. It’s one of the easiest things in the world to do and the only cost is that of an over-priced stamp. It also guarantees brownie points galore.

Long Distance Love Letters

Johny Cash and June Carter were as close to a modern romantic fairy tale as there has been.

Voted the most romantic love letter of all time – Johny Cash and June Carter were as close to a modern romantic fairy tale as there has been.

I got married a couple of months ago after a 10 year stop start long distance relationship with my girlfriend. It wasn’t easy. Obviously we emailed and made use of the technology like whatsapp and skype to keep the connection alive but we also always made the time to send unexpected letters to each other. We kept every one of them and still look at them today. There is something much more honest about a letter, something much more evocative than an instantaneous electronic mail or message. It’s exciting when you first receive it in the mail and it’s just as exciting when you look at it 10 years later.

You don’t have to be Lord Byron or Shakespeare, comparing your partner to various seasons. You can simply say what you are feeling and why you miss them. Honesty is love, desperation is love and taking the time to sit down and write a letter is love. If it isn’t a long distance relationship – all the better. It is even more romantic to receive a letter from someone you see daily.

Buzzfeed have some great tips about how to write a love letter including things like finding a romantic space, listen to romantic music, etc. These are all good tips but they can equally be potential distractions and procrastinations. My recommendation is simply to write from the heart. That is all anyone could every ask of you!

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