I know it’s only October and it’s a bit early to be writing about Christmas. However, if I have learned one thing about writing personalized songs for people these past years, it’s that there’s two kinds of people. There are those who are organised with their gifts and there are those who email the week before Christmas in desperation!

The worst thing about making the transition from child to adult, apart from having to pay for things, was that Christmas lost some of its magic. It’s so hard to replicate that feeling you have as a kid when you know there is something unexpected and exciting waiting for you under the tree…or the kitchen that one time Santa had one too many Heineken and forgot to move the presents! There is no reason to give up on the idea of bringing magic to a Christmas Day just because you are an adult.

Give the Gift of Song this Christmas

This is actually John & Andy working as Santa & Elf in London. Best Christmas Job Ever!

This is actually John & Andy working as Santa & Elf in London. Best Christmas Job Ever!

This is why I love the feedback we get from customers who give personalised songs as gifts to their loved ones on Christmas Day. Obviously we run Romance Outsourced as a business so we in turn can buy gifts for our hypothetical kids. But really – we’re writing songs for people. Job satisfaction does not get any better than that! We have seen the recording of a Christmas Day proposal via custom song, which almost made us cry and then the song that an expat daughter living in New York sent to her mum in San Francisco for their first Christmas apart – which did actually make us cry!

One of the most common personalized song orders we get at Christmas is from expats living away from family and loved ones. As an Irishman living in Australia – I know better than most how tough a time like this can be. it is even tougher to find new ideas to send presents home! Between birthdays, weddings, retirement parties and Christmas gifts – you can quickly run out of ideas. A personalised song needs no postage, is heartfelt, affordable, lasts forever and, of course, it helps feed our hypothetical kids!

Check out a few samples if you want a better idea or pop us a message if you just want to ask a question 🙂

And Merry Early Christmas!

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