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Live Custom Music in Sydney and Adelaide

It’s that time of year again in Australia where Romance is in the air. It’s the most popular time for weddings (thus anniversaries). It’s also only a month short of Valentines Day so the super-organised are getting their songs ready now. Although when we create personalised songs that can be sent anywhere in the world via email, more than anything we love to play live custom music in Sydney and Adelaide (our hometowns). The two main live gigs we do are corporate and private.

Corporate Gigs

Content Marketing with custom songs

Romance Outsourced after playing a live team building corporate gig in Sydney.

For the most part, when we are doing a live performance, it is for a corporate gig. Team Building, product launches, things like that. These are always fun even when we forget the odd lyric on stage and have to make it up! We also create songs for advertising like we did with Jacob’s Creek and Oreo. However, when it comes to performing live – our favourite gigs are often the small personal ones.

Live Performances at Weddings and Birthdays

Weddings, surprise birthdays, Valentines Day in the office – you name it and we have performed it. Generally speaking, there isn’t much of a profit, if any, to these performances once flights are taken into account but it allows Andy and myself the chance to catch up in the same city and also have a mini holiday! These smaller gigs also allow us to return to our roots of seeing how our songs and lyrics make people smile, snort and cry!

Contact Us

Whether you are a business or an individual looking to make a special occasion more special with personalised songs – feel free to give John a call on 0490172068 or email on [email protected]

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