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Bringing Love from the Movies to Life – Romantic Ideas

Last night, I brought my beautiful new wife to see Glen Hansard play at the Sydney Opera House. Although I have been a fan of his (and his band The Frames) for years – the majority of the crowd knew him from the brilliant Oscar-winning movie Once. The date itself was awesome. Romantic setting, Irish troubadour singing beautiful songs – perfect. However, Glen is as much a storyteller as a singer and he had some great ideas. I took the liberty of stealing these ideas to share with you on this blog!

Renata – Writing Custom Songs for the Bar Lady

His first story focused on the bar lady who worked in his favourite pub in Dublin. She was a fountain of wisdom and he would wait around all evening “putting the hard yards in” in return for some of her wisdom. Cynics might suggest he was trying to pick her up but we’ll go with Glen’s version!

One early morning at 4am, he was slowly finishing his pint and waiting for Renata to finish her shift so he could have her to himself when he noticed another man at the other end of the bar also waiting for her to finish. She, meanwhile, paced the bar probably waiting for the two to finish.

Eventually the man comes over to Glen and they chat. He is Renata’s ex and comes back regularly to try to win her back – always unsuccessfully. After a while, he realises who he is talking to and says: “Aren’t you the fella who sings all that romantic shite in that movie? Will you write a song for Renata and I’ll take take the credit and win her back?” It’s 4am so why not – using beer coasters, they pen the song that is now fittingly called Renata. He didn’t win her back…but it was a nice effort – maybe he should have tried Romance Outsourced!

Drink Yourself Silly with Your Loved One & Embrace it

Now there is an element of tongue in cheek in this one but listening to Glen’s story made me think differently about alcohol. We have become extremely uptight about drinking without really changing our mindset. Careful not to actually condone it, Glen spoke of the joy it can bring. Although it is easier for a musician to say than an accountant for example – his story was a good one.

Getting drunk can cause romantic ideas!

Getting drunk can cause romantic ideas!

A few months ago, Glen met a friend. (Again one could read between his unsubtle lines and call her a lover). They decided to meet at 11am in a pub and go out on an almighty bender. They started drinking slowly and 2 days later were still going. There were more carefree adventures and honest words packed into this 48 hour spell than there were in the whole year spent touring the world together.

Now this might not seem like the romantic gesture. Some might even call it a bit on the dangerous side but what is romance if not an abandonment of rationale. Abandon all plans and the fear of a hangover. Make no plans but a conversation with the one you love and see where you end up. Don’t make a habit of it – and if you get arrested for drunk and disorderly – don’t point towards this blog but hell – Glen was right. Live for the moment and love in the moment!

If you haven’t heard Glen Hansard’s music, I would highly recommend it. Listen to one of my favourite songs of his.

If you prefer to keep your sobriety but write a romantic love song for your loved one – then we can help! You can listen to some of the songs we have done here or if you just want to ask us a question – pop an email to [email protected]


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