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Valentines Experiences beat Things Almost Every Time

Think about all of the things you own. Clothes, jewellery, TV – most of us live in a world of plenty and the fact is that most people stop appreciating expensive things as time moves on. There are exceptions obviously but what we do know is that thoughtful gifts, emotions and memories grow over time. This list of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas is to inspire you to think outside the box. It is for men and women, those who are sharing their first Valentine’s Day or 40th and it is especially for those who have been previously tagged as un-romantic!

1. Custom Personalised Song

Being cheeky, we will start with what we do best. We write personalized songs for lovers. This means you tell us the information you would like included in the song. For example: ‘I met him at a concert, he got sick on our first date, etc.’ We then turn this into a song which you can give on Valentine’s Day. It’s romantic, it’s fun and 3 years after starting this business, we still get feedback from customers telling us that they listen to their song after a bad day in work. Starts at US$100.

Unique Valentines Day Ideas

Custom Songs make ideal Valentines Day Gifts

2. Personalised Deck of Cards

You can go one of two routes with this one. First buy a deck of cards, cut out photos, quotes and memories and replace each card with a memory. It’s actually a very enjoyable (if time-consuming) process. Takes you back to the arts and craft days of pre-school! The alternative is simply to order custom made cards from a company like Make Playing Cards. Either way you have created something really unique and cool. You can base the rest of your gift around this. Perhaps dinner, a bottle of wine and a game of strip poker with your new deck of cards.

3. Buy Classes

The key to the best unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas is to listen. We drop hints all year round even if we aren’t aware. Keep an ear open if your partner talks about how ‘I wish I was more creative’ or ‘I wish I could speak Spanish’. People are often reluctant to book classes in for themselves but if it is done for them – it’s a wonderful present. If they are the kind of person who might be nervous – join them! There are always local classes in colleges, social classes and even online qualifications if you want to take it a bit further. Also check out cool websites like Brit & Co for ideas. The brain is the best organ to stimulate!

4. Polaroid Camera

polaroid camera unique valentines day gift ideas

Polaroid Camera’s are perfect for Romantic Gift Ideas

By itself, this is a cool gift idea. Despite the fact that everything we do these days seems to be documented, we rarely have a physical copy to show for it. You can base your romantic date idea around the camera also. Why not go on a romantic trip, walk, hike, boat ride – you get the idea. Take a photo at each location and at the last step – give him/her one more gift – a personalized photo frame with the date engraved on it. You can then fill the frame with all of the polaroids taken. In essence you have created the gift together and I guarantee it will always hold pride of place in your house…or at least make their future partners jealous of your romanticism!

5. Write a story About Them

If you aren’t much of a writer – don’t skip to the next paragraph just yet! There are companies out there like SimplyPersonalized that can write a story for you based off the ideas you give them (although if you are going to do that, why not make it a custom song?! 😉

Even if the story you write involves stick figures and a plot more basic than a Michael Bay movie – the effort and thought you put into it will mean it will be romantic but also something you can laugh about over the years. What to write about? Just tell your story – but magic it up a bit. For example, if you met online – you could say: ‘Once upon a time, a princess was sitting in front of her magic mirror scouring the web for eligible bachelors’. Not Shakespeare admittedly but you get the point! Think outside the box.

6. Go ‘Go Karting’

Great Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Thinking outside the box is the key to great Valentines Day Gifts

Why? Because it’s so unromantic it’s romantic! Put overalls on and a big helmet – then get competitive! Finally put the argument to bed – who is the better driver? After a few laps, the adrenalin will be up and you will be feeling ready for a few glasses of red wine to unwind!

Any other ideas? Pop them below and we can add to the list and help each other out.

If you want a personalized song written for you, check out our prices and packages or simply drop an email to [email protected]

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